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Strategic transactions go long in influencing the life-cycle of a business. It is imperative to cover the transaction dynamics with the best precision to reap the true rewards of a inorganic transaction.


A key focus area of specialization for Bathiya has been to provide solutions across the life-cycle of a transaction. The Firm has been extensively involved in conceptualizing, structuring, negotiating and executing complex Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures for Indian and international businesses. With a unique M&A 360 approach, Bathiya is one of the few Indian Accounting Firms to boast such an experience and bandwidth is its Transaction practice profile.


About M&A 360: M&A 360 is a proprietary, validated and differentiated offering that enables businesses to achieve their inorganic endeavours with maximum efficiencies and minimum friction. The blend of integrated expertise, combined with years of relevant and cross-functional experience, allows Bathiya to add significant value to a M&A initiative. Once the business target identification process is completed, the M&A 360 enables Bathiya to seamlessly work with the client and their investment bankers to achieve the transactional objective with the most efficiencies. Write to us for knowing more about the M&A 360 initiative.


About PharM&A: The confluence of technical transactional expertise alongwith domain prowess holds the potential to provide a holistic solution to a business. The pharmaceutical industry is one that operates in a highly regulated and complex domain and has also be a sector witnessing plenty M&A transactions. Having worked over decades with leading pharmaceutical companies and advising landmark transactions, Bathiya has developed a niche in M&As involving pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. This involvement has also enabled Bathiya to develop cross-border PharM&A expertise as more and more Indian generic companies look to enter the western markets. Write to us to know more about our PharM&A differentiated offering.



The 15th century Latin legal maxim of Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) resonates with equal vigour in modern-day transactional landscape. It is of utmost importance in any transaction to identify and mitigate the various risks that the potential transaction can expose the contracting parties to. The process of due diligence is performed with an objective to identify the risks inherent to the transaction and also confirm the accuracy of certain key parameters on which the value of the transaction is based. At Bathiya, the teams are extensively involved in performing transactional integrated due diligence including financial and tax due diligence for multiple transactions across multiple industry domains. The experience of numerous transactions is a key differentiate in assessing the risk potential and the methods to mitigate the same. Cross-functional diligence teams with industry domains working across geographies acts as a big enabler to any transaction. Risks arising of the transactions or identified during due diligence are effectively mitigated by altering the transaction structure or by enhanced documentary comfort. The M&A 360 approach ensures that the structural impacts as well as diligence risks are appropriately addressed in transaction documentation. To know more about our M&A Diligence and Documentation service offerrings, feel free to write to Medhavi Modi ( or Jatin N. Thakkar (

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Transaction Structuring is perhaps the most crucial phase in a transaction life-cycle, as it the blueprint on the basis of which the transaction is executed. The right structure acts as a facilitator to the success of the transaction and enables realization of transaction synergies. Transaction Structuring requires an integrated approach to deign the transaction in a manner that is efficient from a financial, tax, regulatory, accounting and transaction costs perspective. The team at Bathiya is thickly involved in putting in place the right transaction structure to enable a transaction to achieve its fullest potential. The Structuring Domain includes services like: Buy-side Structuring Advisory Sell-side Structuring Advisory Internal Corporate Restructuring Business Restructuring The Deal Making vertical at Bathiya, enables entrepreneurs and businesses to effortlessly travel the convoluted process of a transaction. Businesses do not frequently encounter transactions and accordingly, the nuances of a transaction journey may remain unattended. The team at Bathiya is equipped to handhold businesses to enable the transaction achieve its desired objectives. To know more about our Structuring and Deal-Making service offerrings, feel free to write to Jayesh Mehta ( or Anand Bathiya (

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The domain of valuation requires thorough understanding of the business coupled with usage of valuation methods and techniques. Be in transactions valuation, regulatory valuation or accounting valuation, the teams at Bathiya would enable identifying the right valuation outcome for a given requirement. The domain of valuation, includes service like: Transactional Valuation Purchase Price Allocation reports as per Business Combination accounting requirements (IND AS 103) Regulatory Valuation of schemes of arrangement, FEMA, etc. ESOP and securities valuation Valuation under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Tax valuation under Income Tax Act, 1961 To know more about our Valuation and Business Modelling service offerring, feel free to write to Anand Bathiya ( or Medhavi Mody (

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