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Today’s edge is tomorrow’s normal. An agile and evolving enterprise adopts technology at the heart of all it does. Being digitally competent enables the scale and efficiencies which are otherwise incapable.


'Digital' is all pervasive and the business landscape is not insulated from the disruptive changes that are being unleashed in digital era. Businesses and business models would need to evolve to survive in modern day digital era. Digital is new-normal for most of the sectors that businesses operate in. As a speciality service offering, the Digital service line aims to enable businesses adapt to changing digital trends and constantly map their digital competencies with the requirements of the market-place. The advent of social media and mobile technology poses unique business as well as process challenges. A thorough understanding of changing technology trends in the today's digital world coupled with sound understanding of the business nuances enable businesses to remain relevant in todays disruptive marketplace.

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More than four decades of continuous engagement and support to various business has enabled Bathiya and its partners to enjoy unflinching trust and reliance of its clients. As businesses grow and realise their potential, the owners of business also achieve heights of success. This ability of the business owners coupled with the trust they repose in Bathiya, enables the Private Client Services service line to further support business owners in their individual capacities. As a speciality service offering, the team at Bathiya has advised multiple business owners on matters of estate management, family office support, investment management, succession planning, trusts, etc. With trust comes responsibility and the ability to work on engagements in advisory capacity, without actually engaging in managing the assets, goes a long distance in avoiding an conflicting situation.

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