Structuring and Deal-making

Structuring and Deal-making

Transaction Structuring is perhaps the most crucial phase in a transaction life-cycle, as it the blueprint on the basis of which the transaction is executed. The right structure acts as a facilitator to the success of the transaction and enables realization of transaction synergies.

Transaction Structuring requires an integrated approach to deign the transaction in a manner that is efficient from a financial, tax, regulatory, accounting and transaction costs perspective. The team at Bathiya is thickly involved in putting in place the right transaction structure to enable a transaction to achieve its fullest potential. The Structuring Domain includes services like:

Buy-side Structuring Advisory
Sell-side Structuring Advisory
Internal Corporate Restructuring
Business Restructuring

The Deal Making vertical at Bathiya, enables entrepreneurs and businesses to effortlessly travel the convoluted process of a transaction. Businesses do not frequently encounter transactions and accordingly, the nuances of a transaction journey may remain unattended. The team at Bathiya is equipped to handhold businesses to enable the transaction achieve its desired objectives.

To know more about our Structuring and Deal-Making service offerrings, feel free to write to Jayesh Mehta ( or Anand Bathiya (

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